Friday, December 2, 2011

taking a first look.

so after a lovely post by the beautiful Laura Register, i have now decided to join in the craze of #Reverb11. so here is my feeble attempt at doing so...

Prompt #1: Where did 2011 begin?

well i can't say much about this post without completely copying the words from Laura's post, but truthfully i was in the same place that she was. in a wonderful town outside the avenue (which isn't a street mind you) spending the most wonderful few hours with people that i love so dearly. it just goes to show that camp friends aren't just friends, but rather they are family. as i brought in the new year with them i got to laugh and cry (from laughing of course) and celebrate life, but also count the many blessings that had impacted me so drastically over the last year.

i was rounding off the completion of my first full year in mississippi where i had begun a new chapter of my life. as stated in posts from the past, i didn't understand God's calling on my life to mississippi for the longest time until the few short weeks prior to ending 2010 and beginning 2011. i actually remember having a very distinct discussion with my mother on how i finally knew my purpose here. through the many relationships that i had built in jackson and the many opportunities the Lord has provided for me to grow but to also pour my heart out, i finally knew why i was called here: to bring Him glory with my life. sounds simple, right? well, thats because it is. but i feel sometimes we miss out on what God has for us due to the simple fact that we don't want to be changed. we don't want to be stretched. and by hardening our hearts like this we fail to fulfill the very purpose of why we were created. that goes all the way back to Genesis 1. the Lord took Adam from the dirt of the ground and then proceeded to make Eve from his ribs and made them both to walk, eat, and breathe in the very presence of God. for His purposes and not their own. and then what happened? yeah, you may have guessed it. these two creatures made in the very image of God royally messed it up. they took hold of their own agenda and defied the very purpose they were created for. and because of one man's sin, i too have that very inclination to do what i so desire. but the story doesn't end there. even though one man's disobedience had brought me/us death, it is also by one man's obedience that we can all be made righteous. wow. so beautiful.

and that is what was on the forefront of my mind as a stepped into the new year. and that's the neat thing about the Lord; He has a very peculiar way of revealing things to His people in His timing.

and now as i think about this year coming to a close i can once again sit and ponder this little heart of mine, and think back on all the many blessings the Lord has bestowed on me (but we will keep those hidden until the proper time--possibly in another reverb post)

well there you have it. the first of many #reverb11 posts. sorry, about grammar and the flow of the post. i haven't written in a while, so i need to get used to it again.

until next time!

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