Saturday, December 3, 2011

hey! i know!!

Prompt: Who did you meet?

hmm. where to start...

there have been several different people that i have met this past year, but i would say that there are some very specific relationships that i built this past year that have helped shape who i am.

i will begin with these guys....

very few of these people i knew beforehand, but by the end of this past summer i realized how much i was missing out on without these people in my life. i had the wonderful opportunity of spiritually leading these amazing individuals this summer as their camp pastor, but little did i know by the time the summer had taken its course, they would have spiritually led me. i walked into the summer hoping to at least make some what of a difference in these individuals lives, but rather they made a difference in mine more than i would have dreamed of. so i thank all of you for the amazing laughs, tears, heartaches, sleepless nights, and awkward moments. by meeting all of you i am a better person and have grown closer to the Maker in which we all still faithfully serve. i love you all.

along with that i met so many amazing young people at camp this summer. you can read there stories here, for i won't go into detail about all of the again. but here are a few pictures...

another group of individuals that i got to meet this year are the amazing individuals that i get to teach every single day. notice that i said i "get" to. it isn't an "i have to" situation. the Lord has definitely blessed me with an amazing opportunity to pour out and invest into these kids lives which i fully give Him all the glory for. there is never a dull moment with them and i cherish every moment i have teaching and learning from them.

lastly, one of the most significant meetings that i have had recently is from a security guard at kroger. i do not know this individuals name, but he definitely made an impact in my life. a couple of weeks ago i was ringing the Salvation Army bell outside the kroger in byram when this man came outside to get a breather. as he sat out there he began to be interested in why i was ringing the bell. so i got to share with him how my church family has made it a ministry opportunity to serve and ring the bell at this location. well, from there he became very inquisitive about my faith. he didn't understand how the Lord can call people and change someone's life. the conversation, in my mind, went down hill. he tried everything to frustrate me, and truthfully i feel that he accomplished his goal. but when the conversation seemed to be finished, he looked at my, thanked me, and said that he had begun to think about some things. i left that night feeling defeated, but then got home and realized that i had done just what i was commanded to do: to share the gospel. it isn't my place to change hearts. its the Lords. and from that conversation i was reminded of the fact that the Lord will use me in my weakness and will reveal the gospel to whom He so desires. i simply need to be willing. and that is what i will leave with you all. always be willing, even with the people that you meet, you never know what impact you can have on them, but also the impact they can have on you.

until next time!

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