Friday, June 26, 2009

a taste of what i do.

These are some of my sign language kids that absolutely rocked my face off this week!!!
This is Trent (the boy called into ministry that I talked about from my last post)
My Bible Study won OMC this week! We did an awesome cheer that was themed after Star Wars (hence my Jedi Costume). It completely rocked!!

Thursday, June 25, 2009


why do we doubt so often? i mean, why in the world do i doubt the work of the Lord?

this week at camp has been crazy. crazy in a good way. the beginning of the week was rough. there was so much in front of the people here. they had huge barriers on their hearts. it lasted through tuesday. it killed me inside. i was moved. just like Jesus was moved and troubled because the people around him didn't understand that he was God. i guess i felt sorta the same way. these people (kids and adults that is) didn't see that he was God. and so i prayed.  i gave up my life as a sacrifice on wednesday and i want to tell you that the word of the Lord does not return void. God did a mighty work. you wouldn't believe the life change that happened. it's one of those moments where all you can say is that it was the work of the Lord. He moved. and I am so thankful.

there is this boy in my Bible Study named Trent. as soon as I saw him on Monday, I knew that God was doing something in his life.  I could tell that he wanted to get something out of him, and he just couldn't muster up the strength to confess it.  but on wednesday, God broke him. it was so amazing. i wish that everyone could have seen his heart. he poured it out. he was that little child that Jesus calls us to be in Mark 10:15. he understood that Jesus was perfect, spotless, and without blemish. He understood that Jesus loves him, and willingly gave himself up for him. he understood that without Jesus he couldn't get to be with God in heaven. all he did was thank God....over and over again.  he understood God. so amazing! and that really isn't the best part. he feels that God is calling him to preach. INSANE!! a 12 year old wants to start preaching! 

i am telling you people that God can move in great ways, so why do we doubt Him? i want to stop doing that. Psalm 9:10 says, " And those who know Your name will put their trust in You, for You, O Lord, have not forsaken those who seek You." i want to trust him better. that's what i want to change in my life right now. pray that over me.

Mood: thankful

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


when was the last time that you were truly broken? I experienced that tonight. God did a huge working tonight at camp. It is so amazing to see children answer the call that Christ has placed on their lives.

week 2 is over and week 3 is about to start. it seems like only yesterday i was leaving my house in good old Decatur to come to camp, but now it is a third over..... 

"sometimes I wonder whether we are moving through time, or if time is moving through us...." -Donald Miller

i love my team. they are all amazing individuals. we all stayed together tonight after worship and continued to pray for the kids for another 30 minutes.  that just shows me that this is a group of people who really seeks after the Lord's heart. they want Him to be exalted and lifted up. they don't see this job as an obligation, but rather as an opportunity. man i am soooo blessed!

Jesus rocks my face off!!!!!!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

act natural.

wow. two weeks of training week are coming to a close and we start camp TOMORROW! honestly it seems like it has been forever since i left my house to drive to camp. where has the time gone? its ok really, i just feel like i have been doing this for months now....

my team is great. they are funny, loving people. we like to joke around a lot. i love this in us, but i worry. i worry that it will come to a breaking point where it will hurt our ministry, where it will hurt one another. i saw that happen before and i experienced it, and i dont want it to happen again. division is never good in the body of Christ. we need each other. we cant do it on our own. pray we will be that body. that we will grow in faith and fellowship together....

i really have no reservations for the summer other than what i have just expressed. God is going to move in some awesome ways. i know that. im ready for that.