Monday, May 23, 2011

a million miles to go.

well it has been quite some time since i have given this bad boy a look, and for that i apologize (not like its a necessary part of anyone's day or anything). but i will now try and put into words the amazing week that i have had as of recent...

on friday morning i drove on over to macon, ms to spend time with one of my people that holds a special place in my heart, Laura Register. her cousin haley was getting married and she invited me to come to the wedding with her a few months ago. i decided to go because im pretty sure that i was falling for this girl. anyways i get to the venue, in a not so populated area, and ended up having one of the best wedding weekends ever (this is outside of yours bro and sis). through the laughter, the smiles, and the pictures, this weekend turned out to be more than i ever expected. laura is now my girlfriend (im sure you were waiting for that part) and i couldnt be more blessed. one of my favorite parts about the weekend, which she blogged about as well, was when i decided to get up the morning of the wedding and walk around the lake and pray. i found out later that laura was praying on the other side of the lake at the same time. she is a special girl, and i am so glad that she is captivated by her Maker and she wants to spend time with Him!

well after an amazing weekend at the wedding we head back to clinton, ms to finish up my weekend with my family in jackson. now i dont have any biological family, but the people that i have grown to love there are my family. saturday night after the wedding we headed to a braves baseball game and had an amazing night laughing with @touchdownmom @jacketchin @mohawkarmbandkid and @jackedupbraid7! (i know this isnt twitter, but me and laura have decided to make twitter names for people and tag them in tweets. you'd be surprised how many are real--you should try it sometime) it was a wonderfully great night for baseball and i am so glad that she enjoys it just as much as i do!!

the next day i actually had one of the saddest days ive had in a long time. i had to say goodbye to the most amazing church family as well as some amazing co-workers. i am leaving behind an amazing season of growth in my life, but the beauty of it all is that i get to come back in august and start back right where i left off. i will have a new job and everything, but i will be around the same awesomely loving people that hold a place in my heart.

after we said our goodbyes to clinton, ms we headed due east to the beautiful city of birmingham. my grandparents live there and i figured i would stop in with my amazing awesome girlfriend and say hello. we had a great time listening to stories, talking about Jesus, and watching awesome movies! the best part, i think, is when they tried to embarrass me by telling laura stories about my childhood, but the ironic thing is that i have already told her most of the stories anyway(at least the good ones).

well after an amazing lunch with the gp's on tuesday, we headed south to the wonderful town of brewton, al....this section gets its own paragraph....

back in february, laura and i had the wonderful opportunity to serve the Lord at a DNOW in brewton, al. we met these folks at camp and knew that the Lord would bless us with more time with them, but we were so unaware of the relationships that would be formed. we went back this past week for two days and stayed with wonderful Winton family. Randy is the youth pastor at the church and he and his wife, Rachel, have 4 amazing boys, Caleb, Joshua, Noah, and Jonah. i just loved the presence of the Lord with that family. we laughed and played, talked and prayed. the times we had were amazing and i cant wait to go back. as we pulled out of the driveway on wednesday night, with all of them waving goodbye in the driveway, i thought to myself how much i want my family to be like theirs. Randy and Rachel have an amazing godly relationship, and you can see the love of God in everything they say and do. and the boys, well they are being brought up in a godly home. their family prayed together before bed, and prayed together before they left for the day. such a beautiful picture of the family and how God set it up to be. im so blessed to know this family and i cant wait to see them again. i know that laura and i have a place in brewton and it definitely has a place in us.

well the next few days we traveled back to decatur so i could go to my doctors appointment and left on thursday night to head to powder springs where laura is from. we moved nonstop the entire last week, but its a week that i never want to forget. i grew so much in my relationship with laura and i cant wait to see the journey that the Lord is going to take us on. we have a "million miles to go" and im ready for the adventure ahead.

"Your life is a journey you must travel with a deep consciousness of God..." 1 Peter 1:18 (MSG)
and my God will go and i will follow. no matter where i end up. He is my guide.