Thursday, June 10, 2010

i am adopted.

well week one of camp is finally coming to a close. i have spent the past 2 weeks with a group of people that i feel like i have lived with for at least a few years now. the community among them is intoxicating. God really does know what he is doing. it's incredible to see Him working in our lives individually but also unique to see Him working on us all as team. there is not a day that goes by that i am not challenged by one of them. it officially shows me what the actual church is supposed to be like.

this summer we are talking about the "Recipe For Our Lives" or "Bon Appetit". it is quite an interesting challenge to say the least. this past week has been full of its ups and downs with bible study. i have had that kid who wont pay attention, the one who always wants attention, the kid who "knows it all", and the silent one as well. God for sure put me in a situation that He knew i could handle, and honestly i was so blessed after the 4 days that i spent with all of them. they were engaged to what the Lord wanted to teach them. He is so good.

i am teaching the "Tell The World" track time this year. i honestly didn't know how it was going to run when i began the week. but truthfully it has been my favorite part of the day. they have really blessed the time that i had with them. i was able to build a relationship with one kid in particular by the name of Ethan. he is leaving in four weeks to spend time on the mission field with his family in Niger, Africa. he has a very unique story and i was blessed to have gotten to spend some time with him. we commissioned him as a group today. definitely a God filled moment.

camp is only beginning, and the Lord is only beginning His work with me here. i cant wait to continue to learn and grow. i cant say it enough, but i am blessed.