Saturday, July 9, 2011

cultural shock.

so im sitting here at a laundry mat writing this post....oh the life of a centrikid staffer.

this summer has been an interesting one. i am being broken and renewed daily. from week one i can even say that it has been neat to see God take my heart and adapt and change it in the course of the past 5 weeks.

a few thoughts on all of this:
-God has called me to teach.
-God has called me to preach.
*the two of these together may look differently than you would expect
-i have been falling more and more in love with the Word.
-my job is the best job ever.
-i am finding life long friends in the fellowship of the people im serving with.

words i have claimed for myself this summer:
love (1 John 4)
abide (John 15:5)
sacrifice (Isaiah 52)
strength (Isaiah 41:10)
slave (Philippians 1; 2 Timothy 2)

i know this is a bunch of random thoughts, but thats all i got for now :)