Tuesday, April 14, 2009

whole numbers and fractions.

i'm tired of complacency. i see it all around me. even in my own life. i want a deep desire for change and passion to occur across the board.

God really got a hold of my heart the other night. i miss Him. i miss talking with Him like i use to. it isn't the same without Him, and don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

soccer is almost over. im kinda sad, but ill be ready for next year. WE will be ready for next year.

tonight at our game, i threw my knee out during warm-up. i hate my knees. they stink.

i owe taxes this year. first time ever. i owe the state of georgia $1. yeah, i know. lame. but thats georgia.

im soooooo ready for camp. it will be such a relief to be gone for the summer playing with kids and sharing the love of Jesus. it can't come fast enough. ALSO, i found out that my great friend skankles will be joining me, so that makes me really happy.

i need some cereal.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Jesus, soccer, and snot.

im sick. dont know why. maybe it has something to do with this crazy weather we have been having. we had freezing ran on monday, which i stood in during a soccer game, and the cold weather turned my toes blue last night. God is an interesting character when it comes to weather. maybe he wants us to laugh about it--cause i mean, surely he is...

the morgan county soccer tourney started this week. so far i guess it has been good. we lost our first game 1-0 and then won our second game 6-1. today was by far the best day to play, but guess who had a bye and didnt play today....thats right, us. oh well. i got to spend all afternoon with mom and rachel. good family time.

holy week is this week as well. i have totally been blessed. God has really grabbed a hold of me this week while we remember his journey to the cross. i am so thankful for the person, the power, and the potential of the cross. God thank you!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

bless the Lord oh my soul, bless the Lord.

wow. God is so cool.

tonight at church we had our children's musical. they did it on hymns which was a great topic. just seeing/hearing them sing was a blessing. it is so simple yet so overwhelming. they get it. that heart of a child....

i was offered a job today. sorta. mom told me that a principle in our school system asked me when i would be done with my graduate degree so i could teach at his school. he also asked if i would be willing to coach too. weird yet awesome. i haven't even gotten a teaching degree yet and i have already gotten job offers.

secondly, i am too excited about camp. today i got an email that asked me if i wanted to help write the track/sport time manual. i accepted the offer and i am ready to get started. cool how God can use your talents and abilities for others.

......He is so overwhelming.


well it is 4:30 and i am wide awake. i did not feel well at all yesterday afternoon and night, so i decided to come home after the soccer game and eat and go to bed. i took a tylenol p.m. and slept till 3:45. why does it never seem to work when you need it to? i mean i did get a good 5 hour, hard sleep, but i would prefer to have had 8 so i don't have to be right now...

well it is officially april. april fools day to be exact! hmm.....i wonder what kind of mischief i can get into today......

what april has in store:
-morgan county soccer tourney. next week. april 6-11.
-my sister's birthday. april 13th.
-my internship ends. april 30th.
-one month before i leave for camp. im so ready. april 28th.
-PACT family day in the park. april 25th.
-verifying my plans for the fall. april _(insert date)_.
-getting ready for graduation on may 9th. meaning a trip to tuscaloosa. april (insert date) .

april has a lot in store.

so i think the Lord is really working me on my obedience. not that i disobey a lot, but rather its the lack of me not obeying. does that make sense? im not deliberately disobeying him out of rebellion, i just don't do it. is it lack of motivation? am i lazy? i don't know. i just really want to serve him in my obedience too. he has blessed me beyond belief and the least i could do is obey him and his commandments. he has shown me his love. i need to show it back and that partly comes through obedience.

"trust and obey
for there's no other way.
to be happy in Jesus
is to trust and obey."