Sunday, March 29, 2009

work repurposed.

"the principle of representation states that when you serve someone else in the name of the Lord, for the glory of God, the person that you are serving becomes a representation of Jesus Christ. And even if the person doesn't appropriately appreciate you, acknowledge you, or compensate you, your labor is not done in vain....God is the ultimate destination of all your investments."

this weekend has been amazing.

saturday=church missions day. this has been the first one i have gotten the chance to be apart of and i have been blessed beyond belief. my Sunday school class did yard work. i hate yard work. so why was i blessed? because it was all for the Lord. we had the opportunity to change someones life for the better and we took hold of it. like my good friend meg (megan jones to most of us) said, it was refreshing. refreshing to be doing something for the Lord to the best of our ability. to know that that should be our attitudes day in and day out. i was really reminded of that this weekend.

sunday=great music and the cross relived. the african children's choir came to church today. HOLY MESS!! they were amazing. mom leaned over to me and said, "you can't tell me there won't be dancing in heaven." so true. i will be doing that with them one day. i can't even wait!

the cross was preached today. and it wasn't what you would normally think of. i had seen nothing like it before. it was joyful to see what Christ had done for me. it was sad to see why He did it. i feel a lot of people saw that today. i saw grown men and women crying. that is rare in the church these days. but that means God is moving.

thank you for the cross Lord and what it means to me. what You mean to me.

QUOTE: "It didn't take the cross for Christ to show his love for you. He has always loved you."

things i am thankful for:
-the cross.
-the african kids from Uganda. they are all amazing.
-amanda shankles. she is such a good friend.
-cherry 7up.
-the love of my family.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

goalies are an endangered species.

one thing i despise in this world is incompetent people. why do we give jobs to people when they stink at it?

word to the wise: if you are gonna be a high school referee you better know what you are doing!

mood tonight: frustrated

it's raining on sunday.

"getting lost in the gaze of your eyes. getting lost in the warmth of your smile."

days like today make me want to stay in. it had rained all night, i heard it, but now it is sunny. you know what that means? humidity. i dont like humid days. especially after a good rain. we have a soccer game tonight. not gonna be fun. but i sure hope we win. it will feel so good to.

i am meant to be a teacher. its a gift of mine. the atmosphere is overwhelming me. i got a lot of it today. i was at a school and i was called a teacher that is in the school several times. people had to do a double take at me. it was quite humerous. good times.

3 thingsim thankful for:
panera bread.
slow praise and worship music.
my new obsession with professional soccer.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

taco salad and chicken fingers.

"what can say to you? what can i bring to you? what can i do for you beautiful king?"

yesterday was probably by far the worst/best day ever. i didnt go to sleep last night and spent all of the time waiting at the airport. i didnt get back to birmingham(which is where my car was) until 5:20ish. i had to be back in decatur by 6:30 for a soccer game, so you see i was stressed out to the max! and if you know me i dont like being stressed, expecially when it has to do with time. on top of this i had not eaten but cheap plane snacks, so i was hungry too....

well i have to say i probably set a new world record for getting to decatur from my grandparent's house. i pulled into the high school around 6:45, and we were winning. we ended up winning out in a double over time shoot-out. the score being 8-7. incredible. they needed that. i needed that.

today has been good. i ate taco salad for lunch and we are having chicken fingers tonight at church. good meals for the day.

i think i may have my life sorted out when i graduate. we shall see though. that will come in another post.

is it ok to feel like an alien in this world, even when you are around other christians?

Saturday, March 14, 2009

how could pajamas be a sign of hate?

i just finished wacthing the best, yet sadest, movie. the boy in the striped pajamas. i dont understand why so much animosity was created. why can people be so cruel? i dont understand. it makes me mad. it makes me sad. it makes me wonder. and it makes me question. but it also makes me greatful. i am greatful for the fact that i care. i care for others. i am willing to lay down my life for those in need.

i want everyone to see it. or at least read the book. hopefully it will give you insight like it gave me.

one more day until i go to Costa Rica. it won't come fast enough.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

life is good.

Today's happenings:
1. work was very chillaxed. i like those kind of days.
2. practice was fun. i love soccer and i love coaching. God has really blessed me there.
3. mom made chicken chili. OH SNAP!! it was soooooo good. just what i needed to "warm my bones" (as Mrs. Cookie would say) on this cold day.
4. dad brought home a cookie cake. i love cookie cakes. it is by far the best cake ever made. i always ask for one on my birthday. last year i didn't get one and i was devastated. i didn't care about my presents. i just wanted me cake. today the cake said "Life Is Good." it only said that because my dad loves that company. when i asked my mom for one today, i wanted it to be my un-birthday cake. i really don't care what it says. just give me some to eat!!
5. i think i may have an ear infection. yeah, you read right. im a 22 year old with an ear infection. OH!! and i might add that it is in both ears. stupid infectious diseases.


you can call me the professor.

i had the best sleep last night. i didn't sleep but 4 hours the night before (due to reasons unexpected), so i was extremely tired last night. well i wanted to make sure that i got some great sleep, so i took an advil p.m. I SLEPT LIKE A ROCK!! i honestly think i slept the entire night. incredible.

well i have been given a title for my internship. they have all decided to call me "the professor". why you ask? well my co-workers(Mrs. Cookie and Mrs. Latoya) are named the "power-puff girls". well if you know anything about the show(as I do because it was introduced while i was a kid) the girl's father is called professor. so we deliberated and we(more like I) decided that that would be my name. i mean i am keeping them in line all the time....

today was a very solemn day at work. one particular reason is the cause. i saw a little boy with autism today. he had a break down. it was so sad to see it. really heart breaking. i just wanted to give him a big hug and tell him the Jesus loves him.

well its only three more days until i start my trek to Costa Rica. i am so ready to get away from everything for a while. it has long been overdue.

Scripture for the day: Galatians 6
It is so hard for me to carry someone else's burdens. i mean i really like helping people. it really breaks my heart to see someone suffer, but i think i am actually afraid of abuse. i feel that they will abuse my services to them. i have seen a lot of that in my job. people just looking for handouts; but after this morning i was reminded of a passage from Romans 12. basically it talks about us as believers doing things for people regardless of their intentions. we need to show them love and grace no matter what. we just need to do what the Spirit leads us to do and in turn he will convict them of their wrong doing if it is in place. as the scripture says, he will place burning coals on their head(Daniel paraphrase).

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

"get in your home!"

well tonight was an eventful night. we played a top ten team in soccer tonight and lost in a penalty kick shoot out. talk about nerve racking. but they played hard. they played with heart. and that is all that i could have asked for as a coach.

they deserved to win that game. i just couldn't believe it. why won't the ball go in?

after the game was over i went to get my haircut. they all knew something was wrong with me, so i explained to them what just happened. i had this crazy feeling inside me. i wanted to do two things: eat and run. so i did both. at first i thought i was gonna throw up, but it ended up not being so bad.

Mood of the day: happily frustrated

Monday, March 9, 2009

kindergarten crush.

1. This time next week I will be in Costa Rica. One week can't get here fast enough.
2. I love doing nothing on Mondays. It's really relaxing.
3. My metabolism rocks! I love the fact that I can eat whatever right now and it not affect me. Funny thought high school I couldn't.

Quote of the day:
Mom: Are you sweet towards each other?
Me: I spit on her.
Mom: Yeah, you like her.

Mood of the day: anticipatory

truth and actuality.

Truth: I am outrageously and unconditionally loved by Christ.

How do I respond to that?

this realization came to me this past sunday. it is so overwhelming to know that the God of the universe loves me. he loves me for who he has made me to be and not for what man wants me to be. he has changed my life for the better. my relationship is "that i may know Him and the power of his resurrection and may share in His sufferings, becoming like Him in His death." -Pilippians 3:10.

it's weird that you would want to share in somone's sufferings. but why can't i give back my whole life to someone who has suffered theirs for me?

Truth: Today's church wants a God filled life of a good marriage and kids who don't swear. They don't want Jesus and His sufferings--that's for the radicals.

why can't i be a radical? why can't i do what makes some people uncomfortable? thats all i have been taught. i shouldn't look for the approval of anyone else. if i am living my life for Christ then that is all that matters. my joy lies above and not in the things of this earth. "The kingdom of heaven is like a treasure hidden in the field, which a man found and hid again; and from joy over it he goes and sells all that he has and buys that field." Matthew 13:44. i should be willing to do all i can to obtain this.

Truth: Luke-warm Christians are a lot different from an authentic Christian. We all mess up. There is no perfect person (except Christ). But when a luke-warm Christian messes up, they could care less. The difference lies in how we respond. When an authentic Christian messes up they become broken.

it's only when we are broken, life change can really happen. we need to be broken and made into something else. something that can be made to be used by Christ.

Challenge: willing to suffer, be willing to go against the grain, be willing to be broken.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

i look down when i walk.

last night was one of the greatest nights i have had in a long time. i really like to dance. i like MoTown bands. i like food. and i like spending time with mere.

day light savings time stinks. i am sitting here listening to my alarm go off and purposely not making it go off just to show day light savings time who is boss. do you think it will get the message?

Thursday, March 5, 2009

even in defeat...i find victory.

do you ever feel like some things you do to the best of your ability turn out to be done in vain? well that is what i felt like today. we lost our 3rd game in a row today to a team we should have beat. they just dont have the heart. they gave up. i was almost to the point of tears. everything we had taught them just seemed to fly by them like nothing; but, thats where i guess i learned my lesson. i tell them all the time that we dont live in defeat and that we must rise from our failure. well, i think they are doing just that..... see, when i got home tonight i had a message in my inbox on facebook that was from one of my players. he was asking (more like stating) if we could start a bible study with the team, or those who wanted to. i was like "WOAH!!" that is so amazing! i had been praying for this very thing to happen. not that they would be kicked in the face spiritual, but to actually be able to start a bible study with them!! talk about an answered prayer!! PTL forever and ever!! so i guess God reminded me once again that all things can be directed back towards His glory!

Things I liked about today:
-God's awesomeness!!
-Meredith coming to see me. I like her.
-The great back scratch that she gave me (you know I can never give up that opportunity).
-Eating some sweet tart jelly beans. Mmmm!
-My chicken quesadilla from Rosie's.

Song for the day: I Will Rise by Chris Tomlin

There's a peace I've come to know
Though my heart and flesh may fail
There's an echo in my soul
I can sing, it is well

Jesus, has overcome
And the grave is overwelmed
The victory is won
He is risen from the dead

And I Will Rise when he calls my name
No more sorrow, no more pain
I Will Rise, on Eagle's wings
Before my God fall on my kness, and rise
I Will Rise

There's a day that's drawing near
When the darkness breaks to light
And the shadow's disappear
And my faith shall be my eye's

Jesus, has overcome
And the grave is overwelmed
The victory is won
He is risen from the dead

And I Will Rise when he calls my name
No more sorrow, no more pain
I Will Rise, on Eagle's wings
Before my God fall on my kness, and rise
I Will Rise

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

who ripped the pages out of the bible?

....haha! that was my favorite quote while listening to John & Kate Plus 8. Those kids are great!

Top Things of Today (it would be a Top 10, but I couldn't finish the list):

1. God reminded me of his greatness once again! I read Galatians 3 this morning and I am so thankful for the willingness of Christ to suffer for me! Thank you!!
2. Mrs. Cookie(my boss) cries a lot(happy tears). She makes me smile! She cried for like 20 minutes straight today. So fun!
3. My internship is more than I could ever ask for! I love being all things for all people!
4. I love a good back scratch....especially if it's from mom!
5. I love bread. I had mine, Mrs. Cookie's, and Mrs. Brown's bread today at Panera. I then proceeded to have 1 1/2 corn breads at church. And then I ate a sandwich for dinner tonight. I could live on bread alone.....
6. Soccer. Enough said.
7. Working with kids is so beneficial. Just to have a kid walk down the halls at school and say, "Hey Mr. Daniel" fills my heart with joy.
8. My quote for the day.

Mood of the day: joyful

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

i dont mind working for free.

well this is the second time i have attempted to keep on online blog, so we shall see how it goes.

well it seems to me that my life is in a great place right now. i am excited and anticipating every move. that is odd for me. i dont think that i have ever felt that before. why has that changed now? i couldnt tell you. i will do some searching....

so today i found out that i enjoy working. not in the sense that i have a job, but just doing something to help someone else out. i coach high school soccer. that is a job. but i dont get paid. honestly i could care less about the money. i just enjoy doing it. to see the gratification on the kid's faces when the succeed is overwhelming. but its not always pretty. they fail, and they are easily hard on themselves. but thats where the beauty of me coaching comes in. i have been able to share Christ with them through this. and they respect that. they love that (or so they seem). i could care less if they win one more game (it would be nice to), but thats not why i am there. dont get me wrong, i am there to coach, but i have been given a charge to uphold. the charge that comes from 1 Timothy 1:5. that is what drives me. coaching to share the love of Christ.

mood of the day: accomplished